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Our company manufactures and exports towel, bathrobe, beach towel and waistcloth in Denizli, Turkey for home and hotel textiles. Our priority is quality manufacturing and on-time delivery as we promise. We ground on innovation, broad vision, customer satisfaction and know the most important thing is to keep the promise and act accordingly. Our top priorities; - Quality product - Fast Service - Correct Information - Mutual trust You will have not just quality products but also a trustworthy partner. Do not hesitate to contact for further information and questions.
MaliTextile Ltd. established in 2000 in Denizli/Turkey, is proud to be one of the leading towel and bathrobe manufacturer and an agent for sourcing and developing homewear, beachwear, nightwear, underwear and casualwear textile products based in Denizli / Turkey. Since 2005, 95% of our production is for export and 5% for domestic market. Over the years, we continuously improved ourselves to meet our customers’ needs in the most professional way possible.
Founded in 1995, starting with weaving, expanding product portfolio, Towel, Bathrobe and carries out the production of Home Textiles. Each passing day increases our production capacity, high product quality and stable price policy has taken place it deserves in the international markets. Textile Onbasioglu brand: Aylin ® Collection; Onbasioglu reach the best quality textiles as we have a principle. Major objective is to advance our quality without compromise.100% cotton products are mainly produced in Turkey, including export our products to European countries. Our 13 years of experience as a model for internal and external market sector has become a brand of towels and bathrobes. The mission of our company, every time we generate the highest productivity in the most economic sense of quality, most accurate service to its customers to offer the fastest way. Our company's values, that does not compromise on quality, sensitive and respectful ofthe environment and the community in all areas, the principle of justice, honest, reliable work ekible
Selin Textile had started to working life by towel production in 1986. The company had 150 m2 production area in those years. Today we continue to our activities in a modern 5000 m2 covered area with 112 workers by aiming & Unconditional Customer Satisfaction principle. Selin Textile who has, monthly, 200.000 pieces of towel and 30.000 pieces of bathrobe production capacity, realizes R&D and New Design studies by using the latest technology and tries to supply an unlimited service to his customers. The company who has any looms including jacquard types, cares of the customer satisfaction and desires, and follows the developments in the sector.
Our company in the World in 2001 has started bussiness with the name of home textiles which have highlighted the Bursa province has started its commercial operations in 2017 was moved to the activities currently located. The name of eloi tekstil,bathrobes,kids robes, pesthemals robe,napkins set,bedspread,comforter sets,sleep sets,bath sets,sauna towel,sauna set,bath mat,baby hooded towel and so on. With the production and marketing of products continues to operate. Our company exports over the first intake of the product, then they are graded on both domestic and packaging continuing with overseas marketing activities, with demand clients has given direction to regulate production. Currently export more products on the hand, on the other hand with the production of regulated serve our esteemed customers. Most of our sales, including exports, mainly European countries (Greece - Hollanda – Germany , France), Middle East and Eastern Bloc countries, while 20% of domestic sales is composed. Every year, expanding customer portfolio and innovative investments in the sector is advancing with sure steps